Maine Villa's Kitten Adoption Contract 

Contract Information


1.      Breeder affirms that the cat listed above is a purebred Maine Coon with an accurate pedigree and can be registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)


2.       Maine Coon Kitten is sold as (Pet ____ Breeder ____ Show____)


3.      Pet kittens should be spayed or neutered.


4.      Pet kittens cannot be showed in CFA / TICCA shows unless breeder consents.


5.      Health Guarantee:

     The cat has had a thorough wellness checkup by the Breeder’s Vet. 

     The cat /kitten is in excellent health.

     All kittens would be HCM, FeLV, FIV negative by proxy by their parents.

All kittens are up to date with their vaccinations (panleukopenia,   rhinotracheitis, calici ) and have been wormed.

A Veterinarian must evaluate the kitten with in 72 hours from the date paid in order to return the kitten for a refund. A refund will only be granted if the kitten is diagnosed of disease other than stress induced respiratory infection as ascertained by the Veterinarian. The breeder has the right to request a second opinion from another vet of his choosing and his own expense.

      Refunds should not exceed the negotiated price of the kitten as stated above.

      Any shipping costs or Veterinarian checks will not be refunded.

      If the kitten should die within the first year a partial refund or possible kitten

     replacement will be negotiated.


6.      The cat will remain indoors or if let outside- only with supervision or on a leash.


7.      The kitten/ cat will not be declawed.


8.      Diet that this breeder uses and prefers is Royal Canin – Maine Coon formula.


9.      If a kitten is bought as a show / breeder the Cattery hopes all kittens will be able to obtain Champion Status according to CFA and maybe even Grand Champion Status.


10. When the cat is received by the buyer then the cat is the responsibility of the buyer and the buyer agrees from that point in time to indemnify the seller from any and all claims directly or indirectly involving the Cat regardless of nature of claim. In the event of any claim or dispute the jurisdiction will  be in Medina County- Ohio.


11. If a kitten is purchased with the intent of breeding and an agreement from breeder/ buyer is made to obtain a kitten back the kitten must be obtained back with in two years or an additional charge of  $  ________ will be originated. This kitten will be CFA registered of breeder/ show quality in origin.





Kitten Information


Name:  __________________________     DOB : ____________________________

Color:  __________________________      Sex :  ____________________________

Sire :    __________________________   Dam  :  ____________________________


Buyer Information


Name:  ______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Email:   ______________________________________________________________


Price of Kitten Information


Deposit:   ________________________ Date paid : __________________________

Balance Due : ____________________  Date paid : __________________________

Total price:  ___________________________



Buyers Signature Information


1.     Indicates that I have read the document and agree to all obligations in the contract.

2.     Both parties consider this document to be a legal document and legally binding.

3.     Both parties must initial any changes in this document.



Signature of Buyer   __________________________________________________


Date _________________________




Date Kitten Received         ______________________________



Signature of Breeder  ____________________________________________










Picture of Purchased Kitten

This is an example pic- Hailey is part of Maine Villa Cattery